Video: flight of a small brown moth

This video by Dennis Hlynsky inspires contemplation of the small and the quiet, while manipulating the images to create rhythm and pattern that is both dynamic and serene. It is film at one moment, then animation, then just image, or even wallpaper or Japanese fabric.

I love the subtlety. I love the pattern-making. I also love (what appears to be) the surrender to digital manipulation—allowing the work to manifest from play with the tools.

Serial skirts

Painting during our renovations is definitely not gratchy (see previous post with stream of consciousness and some new words).

But I do have to take a very deep breath and just get stuck in—I have the whole house to paint, including new windows and doors, architraves and skirting.

Zen and the art of painting skirting boards

The skirting boards are the most fun to paint. I love the sticky smelly enamel paint. I love the gloss coat and the durable nature of the surface. I love the zen-ness of painting the straight white line—fundamental, simple, dynamic yet peaceful, powerful.

This painting, I predict, will take me a year at the rate I am going (don’t tell Chris).

There is serious material for a [blog] serial about painting skirts.


“I lacked the knowledge of linear perspective needed to get into the art school, so now I whitewash walls and imagine I’m heaven’s landscape painter.” 
― BauvardSome Inspiration for the Overenthusiastic