I love data ♥

Big Data is watching you

Photo by Jeremy Keith (adactio)

I love data. And I love the conundrum of collecting complex data. I’ve been thinking about how to reflect on the past two years (post ‘retirement’) by doing some counting.

In my previous life I was privileged to spend a short time as the Manager of the ‘Next Practice’ team in the now defunct NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre (NSW CLIC). Amongst other things, our team had responsibility for collection of data in order to research and support educational innovation. I have always loved collecting, processing and analysing data and I learnt a lot from my highly skilled data team.

It’s been roughly two years since I stopped ‘working’. Time for some numerical reflection:

Here are some numbers that are important to me in this new quest to have a bash at a professional arts career. I’m reminded of my Finger in too many pies post, but also heartened that I have achieved some resolution with some of the pies.

Art work

Number of completed artworks 16
Number of artworks in progress >9
Number of arts works sold 7*

* It would appear that I have sold nearly 1/2 my completed works! However, 8 of those works have limited editions for sale. I’m now selling on ETSY so I’d love you to pay me a visit at http://www.etsy.com/shop/DeidhreWauchopStudio

Web work

Number of blogs 5
Average weekly blog views >1000*
Number of websites 2
Average weekly web page views >5000

* 90% of the blog views are Chris’s blog Static Capital. Some days he gets more than 1000 views in 24 hrs. Legend!

Knit work

Number of completed knit projects >16
Number of knit projects in progress >5*
Number of swatch experiments >30

* Not counting the stored yarn and patterns that take up more than 50% of my storage space.

Gaming ‘work’

Number of documented virtual collaborations 6
Average weekly hours spent researching in virtual worlds >12
Ideas for gaming projects

Quality data

Quantities of things never make a lot of sense in the creative world. I really need to use visuals and descriptions, analyse relationships and measure both quantity and quality against plans and aspirations. But these numbers are a benchmark for moving forward!

NOTE: My contribution to ‘big data’

These days I’m doing my bit to add to the ‘BIG Data’ opportunities available to contemporary organisations. I do surveys. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram (when I can remember the passwords). I have multiple blogs and websites, and I attend to tags and other metadata. But I am trying to keep my data real and not turn into a netSEO cliché (that’s my term for the mercenary mentality that turns individuals with unique contributions to make into Google-hungry SEO content clones). So far that seems to be working OK!

2 thoughts on “I love data ♥

  1. Thanks for your fabbo comment Bell! I just count myself so lucky to have the opportunities now to explore rather than reacting to everyone else’s agenda!

    I think you are spot on with children learning resilience, and also self-efficacy, so they can pat themselves on the back, so to speak. It’s also easy to forget what you have achieved, so taking time for reflection in whatever form is all-important.

    I haven’t (yet) encountered the spirit of Africa but imagine that like Japan, it is such a unique place that compels you to pay attention and keep returning. You must have so many images and memories!

    So good to catch up with you in the blogoshere!


  2. Dee, I am completely inspired, overwhelmed and impressed with all your wonderful work, ideas and focus.Your new current life is very similar to what I am trying to build ….happiness and work fulfillment I think for me will be about balancing lots of pies and not spending my life searching for that one pie, that one thing I am ‘supposed to be doing’.

    Looking at your stats/ data made me think (primary school teacher cap on here) of what a great mini project this would be not only for ME but also for my kids.On a daily basis I am reminded how much EVERYONE does actually need a pat on the back, how many times children need to be encouraged to try again and to be both persistent and resilient (cheesy catch phrases but truth in them).

    I hope when you look at all you have achieved and are working towards you feel that lovely sense of ‘I am in the right place, this is all going to be ok’, because it is:)
    Love the Japanese obsessions, I have the SAME thing but with Africa in general, also with cherry blossoms and dragonflies, oh and Baobab trees.
    Smiles to you for a lovely week. Bell


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