Current obsessions

When I started painting again I began with some technical exercises that included cloudy images, water images and spheres. These images have continued to be obsessions—I’ve photographed clouds and water ad nauseum and balls, beads and bubbles continue to fascinate. In my digital work it seemed obvious to represent these forms as well as a starting point to understanding how I could take intermediate skills in photoshop into more advanced techniques.

Here are some digital images I’ve been playing with.


Images by Theojunior  Attribution Non Commercial

I have a long-term obsession to represent the images I see in the hypnagogic state.

Hynagogia is the transition state between waking and sleeping. I have no idea how many people experience this phenomenon, but I have had it all my life.

Wikipedia describes some of the visual sensations that people experience during hypnagogia, including random sparks or patterns, figurative images or movement through tunnels of light. ‘Individual images are typically fleeting and given to very rapid changes.’

The hypnagogic images that I see are of a few different types:

  • rapidly changing fireworks
  • morphing mask-like faces (again, incredibly rapid, as in split-second changes) – see Theojunior’s images above, which are similar to what I see
  • surreal landscapes where plants and animals move and grow rapidly in the space
  • most recently, tiny detailed, moving machines in intricate decor, within a vast black textured space.
The thing that is so incredible about these images is that there is no conscious effort on my part to ‘conjure’ the images. They just happen, like a film, and all I have to do is watch.
I am intrigued to know who else gets to see these amazing things …
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Current obsessions 

One thought on “Current obsessions

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve quite experienced this state. I certainly wake up at times with a vivid image implanted. My most memorable one was a tapestry that was half completed and I knew that it needed to be finished (but wasn’t sure how!).

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