Things that inspire

Storm cloud

Storm cloud - looking west from my window

We are fortunate to live in a house that looks out to the southern and western skies. Storms provide great entertainment and Chris has captured some fabulous shots of approaching thunderclouds. The latest shots make the clouds look like huge jelly fish, or something painted by Géricault.

I am in awe of the colours and forms I see in these panoramas, and the speed with which the cloud forms shift and change. Great fodder for some painting explorations.

3 thoughts on “Things that inspire

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  2. What a wonderful image! Stormy weather will forever be a fascination for me too 😀 … and yes, fodder … will chase up a copy of some thunderstorm footage at a friend’s property last month – never seen anything quite like it myself. My eyes widened, a lot.

    Have only just begun to look at artistpractise and Dei, as always with what you create and produce, I’m impressed.



    • Hi Meredith

      I’d love to see your footage. I wonder whether storms are more intense at the moment, or because of where I live I notice it more? We see waterspouts just off the coast quite often now. Nobody else seems to notice!

      Thanks for coming to my blog, I really appreciate it!



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