Other pursuits

Dancing Capital website

Dancing Capital website

Dancing Capital is a website that provides classroom activities and lessons for dance teachers and students that explore creating and performing dance, based on the elements of dance.

Dance is a unique area of the curriculum that educates the body, the mind and the spirit. And it does this in a holistic way if it is taught well.

I am very much committed to continuing work in dance education through this website. Come and visit Dancing Capital for choreographic ideas, music downloads and the latest dance news.


3 thoughts on “Other pursuits

  1. Yes, I’ve had a go at that – Did a performance at the Cellblock theatre in the late 90s called ‘Saute’. We created a short dance piece for each course of a 5-course menu – soup, fish, main, dessert and one more I can’t remember. When I dig out some images, I’ll post them.

    Or perhaps you meant an intersection of a messier nature?


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