Ballet Sycophantes

Ballet Sycophantes

Vicki, Emma and Tasha feature in this shot from Ballet Sycophantes

From 1989 to 1997 I worked collaboratively with students in my dance ensembles to create contemporary and jazz works which we performed at regional and state dance festivals. I owe so much of the success of these works to the spirit of the dancers – Donna, Vicki, Kylie F, Lara, Belynda, Tasha, Paul, Sophie, Tiffany, Kylie C, Elisa, Kelly and Elizabeth – just to name a few. So many others were instrumental in musicals and Rock Eisteddfods, but that is for another post.

Ballet Sycophantes was one of my favourite works, not least because of the bum wiggle which (if memory serves correctly) was included in the dance after Tasha got bored and was doing her own impro to the music (Ode to Joy), throwing in her bum wiggles to the music. That moment shifted the whole concept to a parody, which was well-recieved by audiences.

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