Weekly photo challenge: ‘Beyond’

The current WordPress weekly photo challenge asks bloggers to share a photo that invites viewers to look ‘beyond’.

The photo below is one I took of a dusty floor. In it you can see footprints, drag marks and water spatter. But I could also see a landscape image in the dust in the floor, and that’s why I took it. I thought that it would be an interesting digital project to enhance the landscape image I could see. So here is the beginning of that project …

Future landscape in dusty floor

Future landscape in dusty floor

Using Flickr Creative Commons images and Photoshop, I have begun to build in the background. The images I have used are here as thumbnails:

planet_th1   planet_th2Photos by cosmobc

planet_th4Photo by ~Brenda-Starr~

Dusty floor: development 1

Here is the result. More to follow!

Developing the landscape No.1

Developing the landscape No.1

28 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: ‘Beyond’

    • For some reason I’m not getting it. I even looked in junk mail just in case.
      May I use your photo? If so I planned on working on it this Tuesday, March 19. I’ll send you a cop of what I did.
      We can work out the email and price later.


    • Here’s what I wrote in the email (yes, strange that it hasn’t come through to you):

      Of course you can use the photo. No charge, just a credit will do.

      I can send you a better res photo. The one I was working on isn’t super good (approx 6mb, 32cm x 18cm at 300 dpi), but you could probably kick the dpi/size up a bit before you work on it.


    • Hi Phyllis

      I’ve just sent via email. I am hoping it comes through OK. The photo is now 300dpi resolution, which is adequate for printing.

      The file is 12mb so I have zipped it to go through on the email (I don’t think this made any difference to the size of the file in transit though). You shouldn’t have any problem unzipping it. If you do, I’ll try to work out a solution with Dropbox, or a similar digital file transfer facility.



    • You are so very nice. I did get the email, but I was hoping for the final photo you digitally created.
      If that’s not possible, I’ll still us it.
      Thanks. Phyllis


    • Yes, the images I have used belong to others and are licensed under Creative Commons. So, I have attributed those images to their owners on the blog post. If you wanted to use the image that I have manipulated, you would also need to attribute each image that has been used within the digital manipulation of the photograph. Cheers Deidhre


  1. For a living I sell and design polymer added cementious floor products and I see floors like this on a daily basis- you have given me a whole new outlook- thank you sooo much I can’t wait to show my co-workers : )


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  3. Hi, I am presently working on your post. I like to title the post by the person’s name. But I can’t find your full name. What would you prefer, your full name or I can use Deidhre at Artist Practice.
    Also, just so I get my information correct …
    You have two other blogs the quilt and one food. The other blogs you post belong to someone else.


    • By all means use my name – Deidhre Wauchop.

      I have four blogs including this one. The other three are 1. Violet’s blog, which is associated with my dance website called Dancing Capital (dance education) 2. Mastercrafting, which is about learning and mastering basic crafts, and also knitting for charity 3. Food promise (not much on there yet), which documents food we eat and cooking and also will document gardening and growing food to eat.

      Static Capital is my husband, Chris’s blog. He is a model-maker and airbrush expert with focus on scale models, in particular, WWII aircraft and armour and Sci Fi models.



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