Let them talk to each other

This quote was posted a while ago by Austin Kleon. The quote comes from Steven Tomlinson talking about advice from his professor Will Spong when he asked him how to choose a life path from his three passions of business, the theatre and the seminary.

Spong answered:

This is the stupidest question anyone has asked me. You’re telling me that there are three things you love and you want me to tell you which two to cut off…so you can limp along on the other one? This is not how things work. The advice I have for you is:don’t discard. Find a way to keep all three of these things in the mix. We’ll find out [what you should do for a living]. Right now, what you do is spend 2 hours a week whole-heartedly engaged in each of those 3 things. Let them them talk to each other. Something will begin to happen in your life that is unique and powerful.

The idea prompted me to start posting on Instagram. I’m not very good at this, but when I’m reminded to do it I see new relationships between colours and patterns and forms and textures and symbols and ideas and meaning and materials and designs and things that I grok.

Let them talk to each other on Day 988/13 🌸➕🌀➕🌊➕☁➕🍃➕🎈➕🔮➕🎨➕🇯🇵➕👘➕💎

Tiny art factory

I’ve chopped up a piece of old ‘waste paint’ canvas paper to make some ‘tiny’ art.

I love making my little drawings/paintings. I let the prepped background speak to me about what the subject will be. They’re sketches that, in most cases, remain autonomous.

With these little canvasses, however, I am considering some larger works coming out of the sketches.

Here, I’ve had a little play with some digital manipulation of the background of one of the pieces. I can see a use for these images as larger scale oil paintings.

Here, I’ve used my Japanese stamps to make pink and yellow floating blossoms. They have a decorative look that would work well in smaller acrylic works.

Day 996/5 is all green! 💚