Where I’m coming from

While I was still studying at Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education (which then became the City Art Institute and then the College of Fine Arts), I joined the Kirribilli Pub Theatre cooperative. My husband, Chris was the stage manager and I volunteered to work Front of House. Soon I was designing and painting the stage sets, then taking on the odd cameo role on stage, then designing costumes and trying my hand at a bit of choreography. The images above show some of the design work. I was teaching for the majority of the 10 years that the theatre ran, and doing this in my holidays and on weekends. I learnt an enormous amount about designing and painting for a small theatrical space. I also considered some of these flats (stretchers) as individual works. I love to work large-scale because of this experience.

I mentioned that I took on the odd cameo role at Kirribilli. Thanks to director Bill Young, I got to play such diverse roles as an Egyptian mummy, a harlequin pirate, Cleopatra, a bullied scout, Isis Glare (an assassin) and Leeza Gibbons. I took some acting lessons and the images above show how well I perfected looking worried. As Isis Glare I had to sing a song with Christine Jeston. You’d think that after singing the same song twice each weekend for a year, your voice would improve, but unfortunately it didn’t.  I did learn a lot about acting and directing, though, which helped when I went on to teach drama and direct school musicals and Rock Eisteddfods.

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Where I’m coming from

4 thoughts on “Where I’m coming from

  1. Deedles – you were always a giant talent, yet so unassuming about it! As the director of many KPT shows, I found it so easy to delegate to you, knowing you would always come forward with great ideas and visual delights…and deliver on time! Your work on the sets and then later the costumes was truly inspirational and played a major part in the success of our small venture for the 10 years of packed houses it ran. And in regards to your thespian pursuits and your mastery of the ‘worried look’, your courage to be able to step into the lead role of one of our shows at the shortest of notice was truly amazing! So now it’s wonderful to know you have created the time in your life to seriously get back to these personal creative pursuits.


  2. You have always been extremely talented. You have also been a huge inspiration to so many, more than you may know. The fact is that your committment and energy and the opportunities you created for so many of us has shaped a huge part of who are are today.

    Looking at these images reminds me of a few nights at Kirribilli and a lot of days and nights at Rock Eisteddfods, all of which still make me smile when I think of them.

    I can’t wait to read and be inspired once again.



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