Virtual collaborations

My Sims 3 obsession hasn’t waned much in the last year. I have almost every expansion pack, stuff pack and store set available. Fortuitously, all those acquisitions seem to overburden the game play with frequent freezes and crashes. That forces me to go out into the world and do real things.

But one thing that is informing my work is the possibility of collaborating with my virtual artist colleagues. Each character created has a unique life. Their artistic choices, even though manipulated by me, are exciting material for my painting.

I particularly like the work that Lionardo Piero Da Vista is doing (see last image). His body of work focuses on genre close-ups – everyday views of objects in his home, like the gem-cutting machine, the alchemy table and relics.


Above: Nirvana (in Twinbrook) in her studio. Nirvana’s semi-abstract work features vibrant colour.


Above: Fairy Bindy Birdy-Eye (in Moonlight Falls) is a super green thumb and her still life paintings showcase her verdant garden.


Above: Here, Lionardo (in Monte Vista) paints in his shorts. He is prolific and produces interesting close-ups of machinery and exotic relics.

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