Happy Birthday Violet Rose

Happy Birthday Violet Rose was our 1990 effort. It came complete with an old people’s home, a two-storey teenage party, a larger than life cake with lit candles, a five metre high birthday card and a gothic shrine on wheels. The gorgeous Donna Wijngaart (above centre and below right) created much of the design concept for this performance, in particular, the costume design.

Donna also choreographed the ‘box dancers’ (above left) with unique movement motifs that referenced the birthday presents which made up the set. We had about 8 versions of Violet Rose at different ages. Each Violet was prepared to dye her hair red for the performances. Such commitment! Violet’s children (above centre) were costumed in the most amazing hand dyed (marbled) dresses and waistcoats. Donna virtually did all this single-handedly. Oh, and she choreographed their dance as well.

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