July 22 2020

Despite what you may think I am actually doing ‘stuff’. But nearly 6 years of dabbling has ended.

Here begins 1000 days to a ‘substantive’ body of work.

This is day 1, or day 1000, depending whether you are counting up or counting down.

Yes, it’s an arbitrary milestone and no, an artist’s practice doesn’t work like a business model. What I like about choosing this particular time frame is another chance to focus on documenting my practice and July 22 2020 looked like a meaningful destination.

The ‘body’ of the work may be painting, photography, fibre/sculpture or ‘new media’. Or all of the above. Or something different and yet unplanned and untested. But I expect that it will be substantive or else why bother to commit to a date?

July 22 2020 is looming ever nearer …

Yesterday’s ‘iris with fish’ capture


3 thoughts on “July 22 2020

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