Desperately seeking…

I am aware that I’m a slow blogger. Except by definition I’m glacial.

I’m pretty prolific when it comes to drafting posts though. There are lots of draft posts in the pot. 29 draft posts abandoned. This is one of them.

I came across this never-finished post from February last year. The title ‘Desperately seeking..’ pertained to gaps/wants/needs in my art practice and here is the list I wrote back then:

Technical foci looking for a SUBJECT:
oils, layers, use of transparency, [representation of ] folds, fur, weaving

Expressive/aesthetic obsessions looking for a FORM:
Fibre (texture, pattern, colour), digital (layers, textures, objects), painting (surface, texture, objects, Pareidolia)

Symbols and images looking for a PERSONAL METAPHOR
Rabbit, flower, kikyo, moon, fish

At the time I was reflecting on what I was doing and wondering how to resolve some of the many threads that I was working on.

Post my exhibition SPIN I can look back on this list with some pleasure. I understand the things I was seeking then and can now say that I have found some solutions.

Regarding Technical foci looking for a subject: oils, layers, use of transparency, [representation of ] folds, fur, weaving
I continue to build technical skills. Back then I was testing how to achieve depth in my paintings, together with stylisation in representation of surface and form. Right now I am focused on using transparent layers in my oil paintings and continuing to develop mixed media layering in acrylic and collaged works. The subject matter I have found revolves around water, spherical forms and still life. These objects and materials are an obvious choice for technical studies. Here are some examples:


Regarding Expressive/aesthetic obsessions looking for a form: Fibre (texture, pattern, colour), digital (layers, textures, objects), painting (surface, texture, objects, Pareidolia)
This list of ‘things’ are endlessly intriguing me. I play with textures, patterns and shape in felted forms (I need to take good photos and will dedicate another post to that). My current digital works have more depth and detail and I am experimenting with dimensions and materials to better represent atmosphere, surfaces and objects. Digital and fibre forms have proved worthy to play out these obsessions.

Regarding Symbols and images looking for a personal metaphor: Rabbit, flower, kikyo, moon, fish
These symbols still appear throughout my works and have now been joined by new fetishes—such as pineapples, bugs, mist, stones, crows and the colour yellow. Through my series of digital works all these images have become compositional threads. But they’re more than just visual devices. These things appear and reappear in my real world. They appear in unexpected ways thereby always drawing attention to themselves. If some of my works border on the surreal it may be because the real and the imagined are dancing together through time. 


From all of this comes a new push to explore all these things further.

Deidhre Wauchop: Spirit Lichens

Deidhre Wauchop Spirit Lichens (WIP) Paper, acrylics and pencil on board

PS I don’t know what day this is of my 1000 days but I have a year to D-day!

The Bold and the Beautiful and Belief

I watch The Bold and the Beautiful. 

It’s one of the funniest shows on TV. Representation of time is a challenge for the writers and I eagerly anticipate the next SORAS, whether it be baby in utero or toddler to teen or even reverse ageing as with the latest Thorne Forrester iteration. The ‘floating timeline’ is one of the things that makes TB&TB incredible. Add to that crazy characters, nutty relationships, fraud and deceit, cruelty and immorality, and it all seems too ridiculous.

Methinks though, not so ridiculous compared to what’s happening in the real world at the moment. A US ‘president’ who beggars belief. A US ‘Supreme Court judge’ who can’t understand that his dubious past and dishonesty probably revokes his claim to his new shiny black robe. Inhumane treatment of elderly loved ones in torture homes. Mental health issues for young people through the roof. Violence against women every single second of every day. Intimidation of women in authority by entitled white men. And today’s outrage—A federal government report that calls for the federal Sex Discrimination Act to be amended to allow religious schools to discriminate against students on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status – something some but not all states already allow.

I can’t imagine how it feels to be a gay teenager who just felt the full force of this federal slap in the face. I can’t believe that that is what the predominantly old white heterosexual male government have felt proud to promote today. The kind of ‘leadership’ from our government that is allowing—no fostering—this cruelty, this immorality, is breathtaking. And all in the name of Belief?? Unbelievable.

I feel some more rants are coming. Here’s a pretty picture to take your mind off it.

Photo by Elke Mader


More details to come soon but Michelle Arnott and I are very excited about securing the Creative Space, Curl Curl for a joint exhibition in early May 2019. Entitled ‘D & M’s High School Reunion’, it will showcase the work of two high school buddies from Mackellar Girls High who took art classes together through to the HSC and then went on to substantial careers in the Visual and Performing Arts.

Our exhibition will be a celebration of reconnection and creativity. 🌸