I knit for the colour fix

Fingerless gloves have been distracting me, so I shamed myself this morning by taking a photo of them (note some of them haven’t even spawned a twin before I moved on to another idea). I tell myself I have to knit to get a soft and soothing colour fix.

Deidhre's fingerless gloves

Shame expressed and failure noted. Now to get back to painting!

I’m doing some small acrylic paintings, working with ideas about folds, and illusions related to patterns in folds (I think). Influences on this work include origami tessellations, origami sekkei, woven patterns and perhaps—much further down the track—a broader metaphor related to Platonic allegories. I’m looking for an Allegory of the Divided Line for Dummies for just this purpose.

I was having trouble with visualising and representing the folded pattern (see thumbnails from progress recording below), hence I hid away in lovely gloves for a short time. Today I’ll mock up a folded pattern, using Japanese stamps on cardboard, and photograph to use as reference. I hope that breaks the block!

Deidhre Wauchop painting

😣 Day 948/53

What’s with the five-petalled flower?

Yes, I have a bit of an obsession with five-petal flowers. It started with the kikyomon – the Japanese balloon flower crest, which I use as a signature and a logo for my Etsy shop. Certain five-petal flowers have meaning for me as well. I’ve resisted (until now) researching a more generalised symbolic meaning of a flower with five petals.

A quick scan of various websites and research reveals links between five petals and femininity, the pentagram and the five elements. Of course, there are specific symbolic meanings for particular flower species and there are umpteen paths to follow when you are looking at the number 5. There are also links to pursue in relation to Fibonacci, the Golden Mean, geomancy and Feng shui. Botanical/scientific research and analysis provides insight into the differences between flowers with different numbers of petals.

For the moment though, five petals are asymmetrical, enough said!

The thumbnails in the image above are from various sketches and designs over time.

Day 993/8 🌸