Kickstarter has a new initiative called Drip, a subscription platform to support the creative practice of artists, musicians, authors, designers and theatre and film makers.

In this beginning phase the platform is limited to selected invited artists (in the broad sense of the word artist). Anyone else can become a founding subscribing member of  65 artist’s ‘communities’. When you make a monthly subscription you receive ongoing content that includes process, notes and previews of new work.

You can subscribe for as little as a dollar a month and cancel that subscription at any time. I’ve subscribed to Thomas Negovan’s Century Guild: An exploration of aesthetics and the archaic, 1880-1925. Here is an excerpt of the description of the Century Guild on Drip:

My company Century Guild is primarily a publisher of fine art books on rare artworks from 1880-1925, specifically on the subjects of Art Nouveau, Symbolist Art, and leaning into macabre mysticism…The Century Guild Museum of Art was founded in 1999 and celebrates and illuminates the connections between popular culture and art history…Works from the Century Guild collection have been exhibited at numerous institutions including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Detroit Institute of Art, The H.R. Giger Museum, and LACMA.

Subscribing to our DRIP is meant to be “after hours at the museum” and will keep you connected to a steady stream of information on our upcoming and ongoing projects, including a book on cabaret from 1900-1920, the legendary Theatre du Grand-Guignol, and more! I look forward to seeing you inside!

Have a look at Kickstarter’s Drip


Random images somewhat related to this post: Maurice Denis, French Symbolist Painter, late 19th-early 20th century

💧💧💧 Day 974/27


Yesterday I got an email alert from Kickstarter about a Cyan games project called Obduction. Cyan are the makers of computer games Myst and Riven which I had fun playing 10, 20 years ago. I immediately backed the project to get their new game even before I watched the video and read about the rewards for the various levels of pledges. I then had to change my pledge because further down the list I found the following:

Become the Artist ============================

Help us design an item in Obduction! Your personalized item has a chance to be seen by anyone playing Obduction. You’ll provide the look (some restrictions apply), and we will put your item in the game. Your name will also be in the “Additional Design” section of the credits. (+ all previous rewards)

So if the project goes ahead I get to design an ‘item’ in their new world, plus get the game, signed poster and postcards, t-shirt, book of design images and more! I do understand the wording which suggests that my ‘item’ may not necessarily be chosen to be front and centre of gameplay, and that I am paying for the privilege. But that’s a great challenge as far as I’m concerned, and I’ve always thought it would be fun to ‘collaborate’ with other visual artists/designers so this is an incredible, fun first step!

The Kickstarter project for Obduction has reached more than a third of its goal in 2 days so fingers crossed that it will go ahead!