Reflections: 2 months on

Two months on … give or take (including a visit to New Zealand) … and I am in the studio daily. I’m also a latecomer to Pinterest and I am finding this social media platform is one that really suits me. More on Pinterest and NZ a bit later.

So what have I learnt in two months?

1. That I can push around oil paint to create some interesting surfaces

2. That I am still in love with colour and the infiniteness of hues, tints and shades on the palette

3. That I have to work at a reasonable size – almost everything seems too small – each experiment feels confined by its edges

4. That current obsessions and motifs are jockeying for prominence but awesome nature in the form of water and clouds are winning out at the moment (perfect for technical exercises).

I’m photographing stages of technical exercises and here are some thumbnails below. Also being inspired by Artist a day!

Cloud exerciseWarm orb

Water exerciseOrb 2

Orb 3 for grassWater - first layer

2 thoughts on “Reflections: 2 months on

  1. Thanks so much for the comment Dan. Yes, when I was doing blog posts (and looking at old photos) I realised that the types of colours, surfaces and solid shapes I favoured in whatever I was creating are all motifs, that are worth exploring in themselves. And you’re right about loving the experience of just painting and waiting for the idea to emerge. It’s funny, but I worked that way choreographically as well, which used to drive my dancers mad because they just wanted to learn the dance, not wait for the inspiration to come.

    As for meaning, who knows – plenty of amateur psychologists would have ideas I’m sure. I haven’t really thought about that because I’m focused on the ideas to come, not what might already be there. That’s exactly why it is so good to have your comment, so I can get another pov!

    I love the idea of a sound that goes with the images! The first 6 thumbnails are little (A4 size). The last one is on canvas and is about 90cm x 75cm.


  2. I love this style .. and it is so you! I see a pattern with your style , beginning with spheres and the cloudy textured background.. this seems to go way back to alot of your earlier work too .. alot of your work seems to start with the spheres and then branch off into something else or even start as something else but incorporate a spherical image in it. Also there is a a pattern of infinite space or atmosphere of mottled colour .. i wonder what this represents ( subconsciously ) ??? Perhaps it is like a seed you plant for your inspiration then when it surfaces it turns into something that has been influenced by something external .. i love it and it is one of the methods you taught me and i actually do this alot too ( when i get the chance to be creative ) it is actually quite a calming almost trance like visual image to look at and also to be doing .The colours you have mixed in these images almost create a sound to go with them .. i knew you’d come up with something great and this is just the start .. How big are these images you’ve done?
    Looking forward to seeing what surfaces now the seed has been planted ..


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