My exhibition: October 2013

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I’m working towards an exhibition in October at the Ensemble Theatre in Kirribilli, in the Foyer Gallery space. Rough dates are October 15 to November 17, 2013.

Thanks to the intervention of my good friend Bill Young—who introduced me to this opportunity—I now have a deadline to work to. Somewhat ironically, it is Bill who forged the way at the Kirribilli Pub Theatre all those years ago, when I got my first chance to do scenic painting, and fell in love with the meshing of visual arts and theatre. It really seems like a good fit now to be exhibiting in a theatre, and more to the point in Kirribilli!

My exhibition will be on during two performance seasons: CAMP by Gary Baxter (directed by Mark Kilmurry) and  RAPTURE, BLISTER, BURN by Gina Gionfriddo (directed by Sandra Bates).

My work will include paintings, giclée prints and mixed media/assemblage. With a refreshed aesthetic and some added vim post-holiday, I’ll be pulling together work done pre-Japan with both new and analogous works.

2 thoughts on “My exhibition: October 2013

  1. Sounds exciting D. We hope to come up in October so hopefully we’ll get to the exhibition. Look forward to seeing the Japanese inspiration.


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