No more pies!


Previously I’ve written about having my finger[s] in too many pies. I’m now asking myself why that is so, whether it is a good or a bad thing, and what to do about it.

Too many pies: why is it so?

When I was working for the government to earn a living, I was very focused on my job. There was always too much to do then (balancing work and home life). And I tended to jump into opportunities to take on more and more work projects, so the pattern was always there.

Now I’m ‘retired’ I suddenly have the opportunity to do other things; creative things, domestic things, political things.

Anything and everything takes my interest (pretty much). So I’m finding plenty to do, see, contemplate and critique.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

If I have a lifelong pattern of taking on ‘too much’, what are the pros and cons? On the one hand, I’m never bored; on the other hand I have occasional FOMO. On the one, I’m learning about so many things that I knew nothing about; on the other, I can’t finish or resolve everything I start. One, I’m in a perpetual state of excitement from all the stimuli; other, potential adrenal exhaustion!

What to do about it?

That’s the question. I need to be very organised and to have some clear long-term goals. Goals that focus time and energy and interests. Goals that recognise and further support relationships between the pies.

Apple-pie order

Perhaps I start by working on apple-pie order. But then, what about the pecan, pork and pumpkin; the blackberry, blueberry and boysenberry, the key lime and kuchen; not to mention the cream and custard?

I wonder what fish-pie order would look like?


Image  One way to shorten pie. The best way to shorten pie. Cottolene, white, pure, wholesome. [front] by Boston Public LibraryCC-BY-2.0

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