Colour palette

Working with colour when I am painting or making digital works is usually intuitive. I can get inspiration at the drop of a hat and I love the process of mixing, testing and resolving colour ideas and issues.

But I’ve always found choosing colours when we are renovating quite tricky. Perhaps it is because I can find domestic inspiration in almost any colour scheme. Except green and gold.

I’ve posted this image of a painting by Juan Gris because it is somewhat close to colours that we will be working with, i.e. warm and cool browns, the tertiary purples and greys, the strong teas and weak coffees and the off-whites and off-blacks.


I created a palette in COLOURLovers and have been testing some colour accents against the ‘neutral’ scheme (see below). We’ll have a dark floor, mid tones in furnishings and lighter tones in walls. I feel pretty happy that the scheme can handle most colour accents so I can change the look over time. I have no real idea what is trending in interior design but this is warm and a bit eclectic—and we can agree on this, which is the most important thing.

renocoloursrenocolours2 renocolours3
Anyone might think that I have time to write a blog post, but really I don’t—I am procrastinating—off to pack up the kitchen!

COLOURLovers blog customisation

I love that WordPress has added this option! I’m a big fan of COLOURlovers, and this is so simple to use. Demands a daily refresh of colour!

The Blog

Adding Custom Colors to your blog just got simpler than ever! Now you can change your entire color scheme with the single click of a button. Color has impact: it sets context and should complement your message.

You’ll find the most popular palettes and patterns from COLOURlovers are sure to delight whether you want to paint the town red or always bet on black.

Adjust your color palette by using drag-and-drop to swap colors, view suggestions and variations, or pick colors manually.

To appeal to your inner fashionista, dress up your blog in a gorgeous background pattern—they’re preloaded based on your chosen color palette.

Themes that have Custom Colors support have been set up so each color value can easily find its place. Not only that, color contrast is carefully calculated to make applying colors as easy as pie.

To get started, go to Appearance → Themes, click the

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