Yes, renovating, again! We have big plans but I’m starting with my studio.

The last studio iteration was not as functional as anticipated. I work small, I work large and I work in multiple media. I don’t have to tell you how much tension that creates in an average-sized space where materials and works that are wet and stain-making deliberately provoke materials and works that must be kept dry and squeaky-clean.

So they have to be separated. They must have their own space so they don’t squabble any more.

I have two big tables that will now own all the floor space. Together, we will manage ‘the work’.

Three walls of storage will house the materials and the works. On one wall I already have a sink and storage for canvases, paper, paint and drawing media. The other two walls will have new floor to ceiling built-ins to house yarn, fabric, beads, cord, wire and as-yet unanticipated kit.

Here’s my design. The shaded/coloured shapes are existing shelves and containers that will all go behind closed doors. I get a new easel and mannequin.

In planning, sorting and organising for this refresh I discovered some unfinished projects. (What a surprise). Here is a subset of the cache of incomplete (knitting and crochet).

I’m reminded that I like stripes.