Daily prompt: Time

Every day I am working towards my exhibition deadline. Every day I get inspiration from other artists. I might have an idea in mind so I do a quick trawl of my favourite sites to see how others are representing similar subjects.

I was looking at Vimeo this morning—their staff picks are always impressive. This one caught my eye, not because the artist is dealing with similar themes to me, but because I love time lapse photography, and this video combines that with painting. Artist Jeff Frost is also looking to raise money to complete the film through Kickstarter, another one of my favourite sites.

Modern Ruin: Black Hole from Jeff Frost on Vimeo.

You can view Jeff Frost’s Kickstarter project and pledge a small amount or a large amount to see the video completed. My favourite is (#4) “MEMORABILIA” – For a $25 pledge you can own ‘a banged up, paint-stained, bedraggled paintbrush, paint marker, roller or other painting supply used to death by [Jeff Frost] during the creation of Modern Ruin. Each piece will be signed with paint marker.’