My studio

My studio

My studio: February 2012

This pristine image of a studio, unused, shows my starting point. I haven’t got my hands dirty for close to 5 years. The unfinished painting dates back to early in the noughties. It sits on the easel as decoration. I’ve converted a spare bedroom into a ‘studio’, but I am quite used to working in hallways, dining rooms and on balconies. I wonder how long it is before I go looking for a bigger space …

2 thoughts on “My studio

  1. Looking forward to seeing this room come to life.. its great to have your home as base to get it all started again! For me having 2 young kids now means my art space is filled with poster paint ,crayons and playdoh.. I cant wait to have some time to do my ‘own thing’ again .. let it be said that alot of my inspiration and technique is derived from those early days when you took me under your wing and opened the creative doors in my mind and allowed me to express all that teenage angst in a positive/ creative way .. I learned so much from you , I love your style , methods & technique ..Im looking forward to see whats to come of that and perhaps how much that may have changed over the years.


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