July 22 2020: Part 1—1000 day gallery

On 26 October 2017 I posted this commitment to end ‘dabbling’ and work towards creating a ‘substantive’ body of work. Over the next few days I’ll update you on my progress. Today, in part 1, here’s a gallery of selected work from the last 1000 days including, at the end, some earlier work as reference for influences on this body of work.

Limited edition digital collages


Painting and mixed media



Felted forms 2018-2019


Precursors and works in progress

Paintings, mixed media and digital collages 2013

✱Scarab components for bags made by Chris Wauchop – our first collaboration!

SPIN peek

Michelle Arnott and I are working happily towards our joint exhibition at the Creative Space, Curl Curl in early May 2019. Entitled ‘D & M’s High School Reunion’, it will showcase the work of two high school buddies from Mackellar Girls High who took art classes together through to the HSC and then went on to careers in the Visual and Performing Arts.

Here we are in our Year 8 school photos:

Deidhre Wauchop and Michelle Arnott

The secondary title for my body of work is SPIN—my study of fabrications, both material and conceptual.

Here are some peeks at my WIP:


deidhrewauchop digital WIP   deidhrewauchop digital WIP


deidhrewauchop painting WIP   deidhrewauchop painting WIP   deidhrewauchop painting WIP

Fibre and drawing:

deidhrewauchop fibre WIP   deidhrewauchop drawing WIP