Apologies (again)

[This post is 100% authentic news. No ads, no teenage ghostwriter.]

It’s so hard to keep a social media presence.

My last post here at artistpractice.com was nearly 12 months ago.

I barely look at Facebook. My other blogs languish and I have just started on Instagram, but I gather it’s important to post regularly to Instagram and I struggle with that a bit too. I watch the IG posts of those people I follow and I don’t get how they have the time and energy to post as much as they do, as well as like and comment on each other’s.

What I do understand is that social media is for marketing. I sell stuff but I’m lucky not to have to sell stuff.

So, apologies (again) for getting lost for a while and not using this blog for it’s real purpose—which is to diarise my process and to provide (myself with) clarity of thoughts and ideas.

I’ve finally moved the yarn aside a bit so that I can get messy and smell the turps again. Small steps, literally, in the form of some tiny paintings and some focused work on finishing some of the half-arsed, half-finished stack of canvases. Below are some of the tiny paintings. I guess you could call them pretty and yes, they are very tentative. I’m working on ‘gesture’ and with speed, and my aim is to translate some newfound confidence in making marks back onto a larger scale.

Fake news constructed by Macedonian teenagers is just the tip of the iceberg in the ghetto of social media. Trust me though, because even if I only post twice a year you can be sure it’s the truth!