Exhibiting with John Coburn


[apologies for the crappy mobile phone pic – in my hurry I forgot my camera]

Yesterday we installed my first public exhibition in 35 years (not counting theatre or dance works).

The Ensemble Theatre Foyer  is a good, intimate space and the works fill the space well. When you enter, there is a big original painting by John Coburn (Australian abstract painter). Then there is a framed limited edition print of his painting which is for sale (see right of pic above).

Then my work. I’m exhibiting with John Coburn!

I managed to finish 8 digital works, 4 assemblage/collages and 3 paintings. I have a few more that I am working on, just in case someone wants to buy a work. I’ve agreed to a ‘cash and carry’ policy which means if someone wants to buy and take then and there, they can. But then I have to be ready to replace with another work.

This really is an ideal way to take that first step into the professional visual art world. I really appreciate that the Ensemble has given me that opportunity.

My head is so full of ideas for future works. Meeting this deadline has really fed my creative spirit!

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