Permanent (wave)


Title: ‘Permanent wave’ Limited edition giclée print

I try to find inspiration for posting with the daily WordPress prompt, but it’s not always a gift like this one. The theme for the daily prompt today is ‘Permanent’.

This small giclée print (20cm x 26cm) titled ‘Permanent wave’ is one of the works in my exhibition. It’s one of two works that honour the iconic Hokusai image  The Great Wave off Kanagawa from the woodblock print series Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji. Hokusai was a ukiyo-e printmaker of the Edo period.

The idea of permanency is a thread in my work. Sure, painted artworks and limited edition prints capture an image ‘permanently’ by their very nature. But I am also interested in the representation of ‘capturing’ and ‘making permanent’. Hence, the transparent orbs in my work which contain and protect leaves, fish and water.

This work was the starting point for the other limited edition giclée prints in the exhibition at the Ensemble. If you would like to see other works that followed, I’d love you to visit my Studio website at



Working towards my exhibition is an absolute joy! I have carte blanche to explore the images, techniques and memories that have been dormant; and to find new ways of representing ideas. It probably goes without saying that our recent trip to Japan has been a huge inspiration. There are some more images showing influences and works in progress on my ‘Things that inspire’ and ‘Current obsessions’ pages.