A Japanese connection

I have only just come across the new dance prescriptions for 2015 HSC study and was absolutely delighted to see that Sue Healey’s work Fine Line (2003) has been chosen as a core study. I worked with Sue at UNSW and have followed her dance video work for the longest time, valuing her input into teacher professional development in the medium.

I’m looking forward to featuring Sue’s work on Dancing Capital.

I’ve just been on Sue’s website and on her Vimeo site and found this gem, which relates to my visual arts practice.

So many of the images and ideas in this work resonate with my recent travels in Japan. In response, here is a slideshow of some of our Japan snaps.

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Working towards my exhibition is an absolute joy! I have carte blanche to explore the images, techniques and memories that have been dormant; and to find new ways of representing ideas. It probably goes without saying that our recent trip to Japan has been a huge inspiration. There are some more images showing influences and works in progress on my ‘Things that inspire’ and ‘Current obsessions’ pages.