Permanent (wave)


Title: ‘Permanent wave’ Limited edition giclée print

I try to find inspiration for posting with the daily WordPress prompt, but it’s not always a gift like this one. The theme for the daily prompt today is ‘Permanent’.

This small giclée print (20cm x 26cm) titled ‘Permanent wave’ is one of the works in my exhibition. It’s one of two works that honour the iconic Hokusai image  The Great Wave off Kanagawa from the woodblock print series Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji. Hokusai was a ukiyo-e printmaker of the Edo period.

The idea of permanency is a thread in my work. Sure, painted artworks and limited edition prints capture an image ‘permanently’ by their very nature. But I am also interested in the representation of ‘capturing’ and ‘making permanent’. Hence, the transparent orbs in my work which contain and protect leaves, fish and water.

This work was the starting point for the other limited edition giclée prints in the exhibition at the Ensemble. If you would like to see other works that followed, I’d love you to visit my Studio website at

Choices: a few of my favourite things

My digital works have been printed ( and are now at the framers ( Here is a little preview of 4 of the 8 digital works. I’ve chosen a favourite detail of each work to show you. The detail I’ve chosen is also outlined in black in the thumbnail of the work. If you mouse over the image the colour is better—I like this WordPress theme (misty lake), but the design ‘mists’ the images until you mouse over, therefore the true colour of the image is not what you see at first.

Title: ‘FAN OF THE WAVE’  Size: 80cm x 80cm

I’m a big fan of the wave! This detail shows Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave’ in a central glassy bubble, from which a fan of the wave radiates.

fan_detailweb     fan_thumb

Title: ‘CENTREPIECE’  Size: 26cm x 30cm

This was an exercise in placing objects inside ‘orbs’. I used photographs of fallen poinsettia leaves, which were then digitally coloured, blended and layered. This detail shows the central ‘glow’ of the orb.

centrepiece_detail     centrepiece_thumb

Title: ‘YULE (Flor de Noche Buena)’  Size: 80cm x 80cm

I was thinking about Juju hats when I was creating this work. Representations of Poinsettia leaves have been ‘collaged’ radiating out from the centre. This detail shows the layering, which intentionally looks random.

yule_detailweb   yule_thumb

Title: ‘REIKI BALL’  Size: 30cm x 80cm

This work harks back somewhat to my set painting days at the Kirribilli pub theatre. I tended to use designs that were simple and/or geometric to give the small performance space some depth. This detail shows the digital weaving of photographed textured paper, and the ball with Seikaha wave pattern (a motif that appears in a number of works).

reikiball_detailweb   reikiball_thumb

I’ll post some details of the mixed media and painted works soon.