A Japanese connection

I have only just come across the new dance prescriptions for 2015 HSC study and was absolutely delighted to see that Sue Healey’s work Fine Line (2003) has been chosen as a core study. I worked with Sue at UNSW and have followed her dance video work for the longest time, valuing her input into teacher professional development in the medium.

I’m looking forward to featuring Sue’s work on Dancing Capital.

I’ve just been on Sue’s website and on her Vimeo site and found this gem, which relates to my visual arts practice.

So many of the images and ideas in this work resonate with my recent travels in Japan. In response, here is a slideshow of some of our Japan snaps.

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First video foray

First video foray

1992, and Donna Wijngaart and I decided to make our first dance video. Of course neither of us knew much about making a video, but that would never stop us. I was studying dance on film and Donna was studying sculpture/performance. Anyway, we decided to collaborate. This work was to become the practical exploration for a paper I was writing where I proposed that to effectively make dance films, the choreographer had to understand and make major directorial and design decisions. If not, the work likely lacked coherence in its resolution of dance, design and film media.

I am really proud of this work. Donna did enter it in one of the Metro award seasons and won. But beyond that it wasn’t half bad for our first attempt, and spurred us both on to make other films.

We had plenty of other people contributing – Chris, Lara, Tasha and Danielle were all there and never forgetting Daniel La Forest who did the edit for us in my loungeroom, overnight, so that we could meet our respective assignment deadlines. Daniel also then set us up with our own analogue video editing equipment which provided many hours of fun, frustration and exhaustion.

We learnt a lot about what not to do in using effects on film, but it was pre-digital, so it was timely.